Please note, once your order is placed your rate is secured. GPS COORDINATES: 44.3304536, -78.2812199 This selection features a mini-mound of very wavy, blue-green leaves with creamy centres. See more ideas about hostas, hosta gardens, shade garden. Hostas, or plantain lilies, are the perfect low-maintenance perennials to fill out your summer garden. On the pricey side, these adorable plants are being snatched up everywhere. Let's be frank: Other than maybe 'Baby Bunting' (discussed earlier), that's a very hard group of mini hostas to "beat." ... Patented plants in Canada Walkers Livestock Feed and Supplies Burntcoat Head tide times/height Halifax Farmers Market CYNDI'S CATALOG OF GARDEN CATALOGS Daves Garden. Hosta plants on sale. $18.00. 2021 hours *Keep posted*  Limited time special, (click pictures to see more)Height in inches  Miniature < 6″  Small 7″ – 10″ Medium 11″ – 18″  Large 18″ – 28″  Giant > 29″. It's foliage can be colorful and bright, too. Gardener's Guide to Hostas. How do you keep from "loosing" the mini hostas? 'Mini Skirt' is small but stunning! What kind of mulch do I use? We have hundreds of hosta varieties on sale. I put them over the hostas and then used landscape staples to secure them. How to plant is easy but there are a key factors to keep in mind; My plants were here when I got home from work Dawn and I just finished planting and watering them in. This gold hue then changes to white and green stripe near the side. Perfect for adding a unique and colourful twist to shadowy sites, providing texture to rock gardens, or creating fairy gardens. See our special link- HOSTAS ON SALE!. Please note you can place orders starting Jan 1st, 2021 when the cart reappears. Follow Hosta Fever on Facebook for garden updates, events, sales, and more. See Q & A page for more details. We are working on helping you with next seasons garden desires. Hostas grow in full sun in their native east Asia, where the sun is tempered by the humidity. 69730 - Monster Ears Mini Hosta Petite hostas with slug-resistant leaves. If you Google American Hosta Society mini hostas, you'll come up with a pdf that lists 9 pages of registered mini hosta and another 4 1/2 of unregistered varieties. Petite hostas with slug-resistant leaves. Hosta collector and seller with over 700 varieties including: Rare collectable hostas, streaked hostas, sun tolerant hostas, blue hostas, miniature hostas, small hostas, medium hostas, large hostas, new hostas, and so much more! What kind of mulch do you use? My favorite mini hostas are Pandora's Box, Cherished, Hope, and Warwick Delight. To keep the squirrels away, two years ago, I used small wire trash cans you can buy at the Dollar Tree. They, for the most part, are "ol' standbys" and will be "continual winners." They can be planted up front as a border, scattered about or as a specimen plant. Email: (function(){var ml="giopue%crla.40fdns",mi="1@>26<=0:8?5@A394A;7:",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j
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